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About us

Our Story...

It all starts with the Rockies Mountains! One of my greatest passions is the adventure of the outdoors. Lucky for me, I live in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Colorado Springs is home to two of the most beautiful sites on earth in Pikes Peak and Garden of the Gods at the front range of the Rockies. As soon as summer comes around, my family, friends, and I can’t wait to get outdoors, go on an amazing hike, and spend the weekend camping. The enjoyment I get from spending time with my love one’s in such a relaxed and peaceful setting, inspired me to create outdoor products that would enhance that experience I have in the Rockies, every summer.

My desire was to capture the spirit of community and adventure in every product I produce, and this journey led us to forming my own outdoor gear based brand in 2015 called…Explore Outfitters. Explore outfitters is a small family-owned business formed with one philosophy - to provide high quality outdoor gear at an affordable price.

So what makes our company stand out from the crowd? We are consumers of what we make. If it leaves a bitter taste, then we will be the first to know. We also happen to love nature and all the beauty that comes with it, as a family.

With tens of thousands of other outdoor products out there, why do adventurers choose our top-rated Explore Outfitters products? It is because of our commitment to quality along with our affordable prices that we put into all of the gear we produce After comparing a couple of top quality camping hammocks, ours beat the rest by far on quality, elegance and natural beauty. We leave nothing to chance as we strive to bring out these crucial aspects in our outdoor recreational products.

We love to hear from our Explore Outfitters customers! Do not hesitate to write me should you have questions or comments. We personally read each and every email that comes in.

Happy shopping!

Shawn Gibson
Founder of Explore Outfitters