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Customer Testimony, "This Gives the Whole Setup a More Polished Look and Feel"

by Arianne Jennifer Reyes January 10, 2017

We would like to share some testimonials from some of our customers that helped give our hammock a 4.5 rating on Amazon. You can find this review and others like that at our Explore Outfitters Amazon Store.

I have a thing for hammocks. I have tried a number of different hammocks and this is one of my favorites. First the colors rock. I know its superficial but they are bright and cool. Second this is a large double hammock. Although it weighs a bit more than my other hammocks that is due to the extra fabric. I am not an ultralight hiker so I appreciate the extra space. The clips at the end have a nice black finish. This gives the whole setup a more polished look and feel. The nylon is typical for all hammocks from ENO to whatever. The stitching on the hammock is all done well with no noticeable flaws. The Intergrated pack is nice because of the attached cinch straps. With these once packed you can really compress it down to a small size. I did throw the rope away and I would not suggest using the rope. Many parks and public areas are banning hammocks because the rope cuts into the tree bark and causes damage. Do yourself a favor and get a decent set of hanging straps. Thats what I used in the video. It makes setup much easier, makes your hammock more enjoyable, and protects the trees you are hanging from.

Arianne Jennifer Reyes
Arianne Jennifer Reyes