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Customer Testimony, "It holds quite a surprising amount"

by Arianne Jennifer Reyes January 11, 2017

We would like to share some testimonials from some of our customers that helped give our bag a 4.5 rating on Amazon. You can find this review and others like that at our Explore Outfitters Amazon Store

I live in a town that has recently outlawed plastic bags. This is great for the environment, but I admit, it's sometimes hard to remember to carry my many reusable shopping bags with me from place to place. With this backpack, I don't have it. It holds quite a surprising amount. I wouldn't load it exclusively with canned goods, as the material is not that sturdy. However, it's held a hefty bag full for groceries on a 30 minute bike ride home. The best part is that when it's not in use, it simply sits folded out of the way in my purse. Super handy!

Arianne Jennifer Reyes
Arianne Jennifer Reyes