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Customer Testimony, "I absolutely love this backpack"

by Arianne Jennifer Reyes January 16, 2017

We would like to share some testimonials from some of our customers that helped give our pillows a 5-star rating on Amazon. You can find this review and others like that at Explore Outfitters Amazon Store.

I absolutely love this backpack. I bought the backpack for school because I needed something bigger that offered a lot more support for my back and shoulders, due to the back, shoulder, and neck pain I've been experiencing. Because this backpack was designed for hiking, not school, not every aspect is incredibly convenient. HOWEVER, I knew that when I bought it. The inside is plenty big enough to fit the laptop without the help of the bladder pocket. If you had a thinner computer (for example, a MacBook) it would probably fit in the bladder pocket. Also, the estimated arrival date was for Wednesday the 9th, but it arrived on Tuesday the 8th, an incredibly pleasant surprise! The waste strap and chest strap are comfortable. I am 5' 3" with a medium frame (size 5 shirt, size 7 pants) and I have to have the straps tightened all the way for them to be effective. So if you are any smaller than me, they probably won't do you much good. The costumer service is very friendly and efficient. I highly recommend this seller and this backpack!

Arianne Jennifer Reyes
Arianne Jennifer Reyes